Yeovil District Hospital

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Higher Kingston
BA21 4AT

Access in Detail

Accident and Emergency Waiting Area.
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  • Accident and Emergency Waiting Area.
  • Internal Doors.
  • Push Pad Button.
  • Accident and Emergency Reception.
  • Lowered Counter.
  • Induction Loops.
  • Accessible WC.
  • Baby Change Facility.
  • Toilets.
  • Seating.
  • Telephones.
  • Information Point.
  • Vending Machines.
  • Circulation.
  • Lighting.
  • Surfaces.

Internal Doors

There is a double door. Powered with a manual push button to operate. Opens out.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
The opening width of the door is 850mm.
The threshold is level.
The doors and side panels have vision panels.
The door handles are easy to grip and operate.
The doors are automatic.
The door activation system is clearly distinguishable from the background.
The automatic doors remain open long enough for a slow-moving person to pass through.
The push pad button is to the right of the door.

Accident and Emergency Reception

The route to the reception desk is accessible and free from obstructions
There is clear signage highlighting the location of reception.
The reception desk is free from unnecessary clutter and signage.
There is a lowered counter section provided.
The lowered counter section is at a maximum height of 760mm.
The height of the counter is 735mm.
The counter does not have a knee recess.
There is sufficient space in front of the counter for wheelchair users.
Literature is available in large print.
There is literature available in Braille.
Literature is available in an audio format.
A sign language interpreter is available
Literature is available in alternative languages.
There are members of staff who can speak alternative languages.
Many alternative languages are spoken by staff, please enquire at Reception for further assistance.
There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.

Induction Loops

There is an induction loop available.
There is a fixed induction loop.
There is signage indicating the availability of the loop.

Accessible WC

The toilet layout is suitable for left-handed transfers.
The door width is adequate.
There is sufficient space available outside of the toilet compartment to manoeuvre and open the door.
The compartment measures less than 1500mm by 2200mm. This may not be large enough to allow some wheelchair users to manoeuvre into position for frontal, lateral, angled and backward transfer.
The cubicle measures 1673mm wide by 1774mm depth.
The door is light enough to open easily.
The hand-washing, drying facilities and toilet paper are within easy reach of someone seated on WC.
The hand rinse basin is at an accessible height.
The taps are accessible and easy to use.
The toilet flush is accessible and easy to use.
The water temperatures are limited, and are at a safe temperature.
The overall provision and positioning of sanitaryware and accessories is suitable.
There are grab rails provided.
The grab rails are not positioned correctly.
The light switch or pull cord is easy to reach and operate.
There is an assistance alarm.
There are slip-resistant floors throughout.
Surfaces and fixtures provide effective visual contrast.
There is an accessible baby changing facility provided.


The toilets are located in an accessible location.
The doors are lightweight enough to open easily.
A larger cubicle is not available for ambulant disabled people within the general male and female toilets.


The seats that are provided are stable.
The seating may not suit all intended users as there are no armrests.
Some customers may not find the seating suitable as the seats are all at the same height.
There is space for a wheelchair user to pull up alongside a seated companion.
There is space for an assistance dog to rest.


The telephones are located where there is minimal background noise.
The telephone can be used by both standing users and wheelchair users.
There is an integral inductive coupler available.
This is a Hospital Information and taxi booking line only.

Vending Machines

Wheelchair users can access and turn around in front of the vending machine.
The controls are within the recommended height specification.
The control buttons are easy to operate.

General Area

The clear widths are adequate.


The level of lighting is sufficient for the intended use.


The floor surface is suitable for the passage of wheelchair users.
The junctions between floor surfaces are correctly detailed and free from height variation.
The floor surfaces are slip resistant.

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