Yeovil District Hospital

Location Details


Higher Kingston
BA21 4AT

Access in Detail

Main Entrance Lobby.
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  • Main Entrance Lobby.
  • Internal Doors.
  • Seating.
  • Telephones.
  • Information Buttons.
  • Circulation.
  • Lighting.
  • Surfaces.

Internal Doors

There is a double door. Automatic powered. Door is sliding.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
The opening width of the door is 1570mm.
The threshold is level.
The doors are automatic.
The automatic doors remain open long enough for a slow-moving person to pass through.


The seats that are provided are stable.
The seating has armrests.
Some customers may not find the seating suitable as the seats are all at the same height.
There is space for a wheelchair user to pull up alongside a seated companion.
There is space for an assistance dog to rest.


The telephones are located where there is minimal background noise.
The telephone can be used by both standing users and wheelchair users.
There is an integral inductive coupler available.
This phone provides an information and taxi ordering service dependant on which button is pressed.

General Area

The clear widths are adequate.
There is a sufficient turning circle at either end of the corridor.


The level of lighting is sufficient for the intended use.


The floor surface is suitable for the passage of wheelchair users.
The junctions between floor surfaces are correctly detailed and free from height variation.
The floor surfaces are slip resistant.

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