Yeovil District Hospital

Location Details


Higher Kingston
BA21 4AT

Access in Detail

Pharmacy Waiting Room.
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  • Pharmacy Waiting Room.
  • Internal Door.
  • Serving Hatch.
  • Assistance Bell.
  • Seating.
  • Circulation.
  • Obstruction.

Internal Door

There is a single door. Opens in.
The effective clear width of the door is at a minimum of 800mm.
The opening width of the door is 900mm.
There is adequate space alongside the leading edge for a wheelchair user to open the door while clear of door swing.
The threshold is level.
The doors and side panels have vision panels.
The door handles are easy to grip and operate.
The handles are within reach of all users.
The door pressure is kept to a minimum on manually operated doors fitted with self-closing devices.

Serving Hatch

There is a lowered counter section provided.
The lowered counter section is at a maximum height of 760mm.
The height of the counter is 760mm.
The counter has a knee recess.
There is sufficient space in front of the counter for wheelchair users.
There is sufficient space to write or sign documents on the counter.
There is adequate lighting to both sides of the counter and the lighting avoids silhouetting.
There are no induction loops available.
There are no chip and pin machines available.
There is an assistance bell to the right of the counter on the wall.


The seats that are provided are stable.
The seating has armrests.
Seating is provided in a range of heights.
There is not enough space for a wheelchair user to pull up alongside a seated companion without having some of the chairs removed. Please ask a member of staff for assistance.
There is space for an assistance dog to rest.

General Area

The minimum clear width in the Waiting Room is 450mm.


The level of lighting is sufficient for the intended use.

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