Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve

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near Upstreet

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Car Park / Drop Off

There are two car parks to this reserve, one at either side of the Marsh Hide footpath.

Stodmarsh NNR

Most trails begin at the Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve Car Park accessed directly from Stodmarsh Village centre. The beginning of the pathway is a purpose built, compacted stone pathway with seating at regular intervals and periodic passing places.

The Turfields Hide footpath begins at the Grove Ferry entrance to the Reserve.

There is excellent signage at the entrance to the reserve indicating the walks available and their approximate distances.

The extension to the Nature Trail consists of a long boardwalk that meanders through the Marshland.

The viewing platform can be accessed via steps or a vehicle access ramp. There is seating, wind breaks and magnificent views of the Nature Reserve.

There are 4 hides within this reserve. There are information boards within each, detailing visible wildlife and how the landscape has been shaped by Natural England.


There is a toilet block to the left of the entrance to the reserve. Open from 9:30 am - 16:30pm. There is one accessible toilet and one unisex toilet cubicle.

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Car Park / Drop Off.
Start of trail.
Viewing Platform.
The Lake Hide.
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