Bus Stop and Park and Ride

Bus Stop and Park and Ride

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South Street

Information on Bus Stop and Park and Ride

The bus stops are served by the following bus services :-
  • Bus stop 8 services : Park and ride City Centre to Haven Banks
  • Bus stop 10 services : K, T and S
Bus stops 8 and 10 are on the top end of South Street close to its junction with Fore Street and North Street. They are positioned outside Hair Number 5 and Ashore Jewelers
Photo 3284LG.jpgSouth Street is at the bottom end of the High Street and runs parallel to Exeter Cathedral. From this area visitors can easily access the main areas of Exeters shopping and Cathedral. This majestic Cathedral is over 850 years old and is one of the finest examples of Decorated Gothic work in England today.
Photo 3285LG.jpgThe Bus stops have glazed shelters. Each shelter has perch bench seating. There are digital display boards within the bus shelters.
Photo 3286LG.jpgThe approach to and from the stops are on level paving on a moderate slope up towards the High Street. There are shop signs on the pavement that do not cause an obstruction as the pavement is very wide.
City Centre buses are predominantly accessible for wheelchair users. Please see the operator policies on the right hand side.
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