Saltfleetby National Nature Reserve

Location Details


east of the A1031
between Saltfleet and Mablethorpe

Access in Detail

Meadow Loop Trail.
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  • Meadow Loop Trail.
  • Start of trail signage.
  • Way Markers.
  • Natural trodden ground.
  • Unmade ground.
  • Gates.
  • Kissing Gates.
This is a circular trail.
Trail starts at: Sea View Car Park
Trail ends at: Sea View Car Park
There are information panels at the start of the trail.
The information panels include text. The information panels include symbols.
The signs are clearly defined.
There are way markers provided along the trail.
The way markers are sign posts.
Path usage: Footpath.
How long is the trail: 1.3km
What is the distance from the entrance to the trail: The trail starts directly from the Sea View Car Park
The route is level.
There is adequate signage provided.
The route is clearly defined.
Please provide additional description of the route from the entrance to the trail: The trail starts directly from the Sea View Car Park. The route across the Car Park is over crushed and compacted stone.
The trail consists of the following surface types: Constructed: Crushed Stone, Natural: Ground Trodden, Natural: Unmade Ground.
There are gates that are barriers on this trail. There are kissing gates that are barriers on this trail.
The trail involves slopes/inclines.
The ramp/incline is steep.
The camber on the pathway was considered hazardous.
Some areas of the trail are across ridged areas with fairly steep drops to either side.
Routes are sufficiently wide with good periodic passing places.
There is seating available at intervals along the route.
Signage is adequate along the route.
The trail is clearly defined and clear from overgrown foliage and other potential hazards.
General description of trail: The trail is a circular walk of 1.3km. The vast majority of the walk is over natural trodden ground around meadowland. The are some steep inclines and descents including narrow. pathways in areas. Kissing gates along the route may restrict access for some visitors. The route is considered suitable for visitors with reasonable physical fitness but not those whose mobility may be impaired.

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