North Meadow National Nature Reserve

North Meadow National Nature Reserve

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General Information for North Meadow
Why do visitors come to the NNR? (eg. Rare habitats / species?) Display of spring and summer flowers, walking, fresh air, photography, bird watching and dog walking.
How do people learn of this site: Website, Natural England, leaflets, programme of guided walks which is advertised locally and Cotswold Information Centre.
There are leaflets available.
The site is not signposted from the road.
How do people know when they have arrived: Natural England sign beside the main entrance.
There are staff available onsite.
A member of staff works on site 70% of the time.
How would visitors contact staff: Contact numbers are on all the board around the Reserve.
There are no toilet facilities available.
Do you offer any literature in any of the following formats? (Eg. NNR Leaflets) This Reserve is producing an audio guided walk in 2008-09.
Dogs are permitted onto the reserve.
There are no power wheelchairs available.

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