New Cross Hospital

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Wednesfield Road
WV10 0QP

Access in Summary

Car Park and Drop Off

There are four Car Parks available at the hospital, all of which have accessible bays.

There are designated drop off points which are well signed and are located outside various entrances on the campus.


There is a one way road surrounding the hospital which has four bus stops located on it. The bus stops are all located on level ground and provide shelter and seating.

Access at Entrance

The West Entrance leads into the A&E Department and joins up with the main hospital corridor. Entry is via a double set of automatic doors and provides level access.

The East Entrance leads into a lobby area that joins up with the main hospital corridor. Entry is via a double set of automatic doors and there is level access.

The South Entrance leads into the main hospital corridor and is next to the Deanesly Cancer Centre. Entry is via double automatic doors and there is level access from the pavement. If approaching from the road there is a temporary ramp in place to negotiate the kerb.


There are various reception desks located around the hospital in the different departments. Most provide a low level counter and there are also induction loops installed on some of the counters.


There is a Cafe provided on both floors which have seating provided. There is an additional Cafe located on the lower ground floor of the Heart & Lung Centre. There are also vending machines located on the ground floor and a WHSmith located inside the East Entrance.

There are accessible toilets available for visitors in the main areas and corridors of the hospital.

Access to All Areas

All of the main areas of the hospital provide stair and lift access for visitors and patients. The main corridor has various lift access points that are accessible for wheelchair users and there are also lifts located in the Heart & Lung Centre.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Facilities for partially sighted or blind people We provide facilities for people who are visually impaired. For example: Braille formats, large print, audio tapes etc.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Non assisted wheelchair access Full, non-assisted, wheelchair access into our premises is possible.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Accessible toilets We have fully accessible toilets installed at our premises.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Customer parking facilities We provide customer car parking.
  • Accessible car parking We provide accessible car parking spaces for disabled customers.
  • Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Low payment counters or an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard.
  • Automatic doors present Our premises are fitted with automatic doors to ease entry.
  • Customer lift provided A customer lift has been provided.
  • Accessible lift provided An accessible customer lift has been installed, improving access for wheelchair users.
  • Parent with pushchair access Our premises are accessible to parents with a pushchair or pram.
  • Baby changing facilities We provide baby changing facilities.
  • Accessible baby changing facilities Accessible baby changing facilities are available.
  • Alternative Languages available Alternative languages available
Car Parks.
Drop Off.
Public Transport.
West Entrance.
East Entrance.
South Entrance.
Cafes and Restaurants.
Accessible Toilets.
Access to All Areas.
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