Manor Hospital

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Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
Moat Road
West Midlands

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Access in Summary


There are two Bus Stops located at the hospital, the first next to the Main Entrance and the second next to the Accident and Emergency Entrance. There are lit shelters with seating provided and tactile paving is installed at the kerb.

Car Park and Drop Off

There are two main visitor car parks at this location. Car Park B is located near the Main Hospital Entrance and has 34 accessible bays and parent and toddler bays available which are located close to the crossing point. Car Park D is situated near Accident and Emergency and has 55 accessible bays. Both car parks are accessed via a ticket barrier and payment is made before returning to the car park. An additional 8 accessible bays are located next to the Inpatient Entrance. There are also two Drop Off points located at the hospital. One is located to the rear of the Main Entrance with another next to the Inpatient Entrance. Please note parking time is limited to 10 minutes only within this area.

Access at Entrance

The Main Entrance consists of a revolving door, the compartments of which are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair user. There is a button to the right of the doorway to slow down the rotation if required. Please note there is an alternative, accessible side door to the right of the Main Entrance which is activated by a push button and is step free. The Accident and Emergency and Inpatient Entrance can both be accessed step free and entry is via automatic doors.


Each department has a Main Reception with low counters and good circulation. The counters have knee recesses and induction loops are installed which are always turned on. The Main Entrance has a Reception Desk in the Atrium area which is always staffed to assist visitors on arrival.


There is a restaurant located on Level 1 in the Atrium. There is a cafe also situated on Level 0. Other facilities in this area includes a spa shop, cash machines and telephones. An additional coffee shop and cash machine can be located in the West Wing Foyer. There are toilets situated in or near all the major departments. These include accessible toilets and baby changing facilities with separate breast feeding rooms.

Access to All Areas

There are lifts located next to the stairs in all major areas giving step free access to all floors. An additional escalator is located in the atrium between Level 0 and Level 1. Visitors should note the hospital has been laid out with each department, rooms and areas having its own three digit number. The first digit indicates what floor the room is located on.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Assistance dogs welcome Assistance dogs are welcome in our premises.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Accessible toilets We have fully accessible toilets installed at our premises.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Customer parking facilities We provide customer car parking.
  • Accessible car parking We provide accessible car parking spaces for disabled customers.
  • Intercom outside of the premises An intercom is available at the entrance providing communication with our staff.
  • Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Low payment counters or an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard.
  • Automatic doors present Our premises are fitted with automatic doors to ease entry.
  • Customer lift provided A customer lift has been provided.
  • Accessible lift provided An accessible customer lift has been installed, improving access for wheelchair users.
  • Parent with pushchair access Our premises are accessible to parents with a pushchair or pram.
  • Baby changing facilities We provide baby changing facilities.
  • Alternative Languages available Alternative languages available
Car Park and Drop Off.
Access at Entrance.
Access to All Areas.
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