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Access in Summary


There is a regular park and ride bus service which stops at convenient locations close to both the Outpatients and Minor Injuries Entrances, and also in front of the Main Hospital Entrance. There is also a bus service that runs regularly into the Town Centre. There is step free access from the bus stops to the Hospital. Please contact the parking attendants situated near the Fracture Clinic Entrance if assistance is required. They are extremely supportive and their work has been acknowledged with a trust award for best customer care.

Car Park and Drop Off

There are convenient drop off points located close to most of the Department Entrances. Please note these drop off points are intended for short term stay only, with a maximum of 10 minutes waiting. These areas are intended for people who need to be dropped off close to the Entrance.

Across the front of the Main Hospital Building there are several public pay and display parking areas. These parking areas are fairly crowded but it is usually possible to find a space. There are pay and display machines located at the entrances to all car parks. Parking wardens are employed by the Hospital and regularly patrol these car parks.

Parking for disabled badge holders. The Trust is committed to providing parking facilities for blue badge holders as close to the hospital entrances as possible. The Trust will maintain a minimum of 15% of the public parking for the exclusive use of blue badge holders. These marked bays will be free of charge and will allow a maximum stay of 3 hours. Blue badge holders who park in the pay and display parking will be required to purchase a ticket from the pay and display machines to cover the length of their stay. Parking for blue badge holders on double yellow lines or hatched areas is prohibited at all times.

Access at Entrance

The original 1937 Building has two Main Entrances which lead into the central lobby area and the Day Hospital. Both these entrances have double, automatic, sliding doors. All entrances across the Hospital have either step free access directly into the buildings, or have both ramps and steps leading up to the entrances. Please note that the doors leading into the link corridor adjacent to the Invicta Ward are not automatic. There are two entrances which lead into the Outpatients Department. Both entrances are fitted with automatic, sliding doors.


The 1937 Building Reception is situated within the Main Lobby. This Reception Desk is manned during normal working hours. Staff at this desk will direct visitors towards the correct department or ward.

The Outpatients Reception is located to the left of the Outpatients Entrance. There is a large desk which is permanently manned. Report here on arrival for any Outpatients Clinic appointment. Staff at the Reception will direct visitors to the correct clinic waiting area. There is an induction loop fitted to benefit patients with hearing impairments.


There are accessible toilets provided in various places around the Hospital. All are fitted with alarm cords and are clearly signposted.

The League Of Friends of Kent and Canterbury Hospital run three shops within the Hospital Site. These shops provide a range of snacks, newspapers and drinks. There are shops located within the Outpatients Department, inside the Main Lobby of the 1937 Building and within the Children's Assessment Centre.

Access to All Areas

To the rear of the Outpatients Department there is a long corridor called Main Street. This corridor runs the full length of the Main Hospital Building and gives access to all departments. On the lower level there is a link corridor which runs from Main Street across into the 1937 Building. All levels of the link corridor can be accessed via lifts, which therefore give step free access to all Departments within the Hospital.

Within the Hospital access between floors is possible using either stairs or lifts. Within the 1937 Building there are two sets of lifts and stairs. One set situated within the main lobby area and the other adjacent to Harvey Ward. The lifts here provide access to all floors within the 1937 Building.

The link corridor gives access from the Main Hospital Building to the 1937 Building. This corridor has a considerable slope. Some visitors may find it easier to be dropped off at the Entrance to the 1937 Building rather than attempt to travel through the Hospital via this corridor.

Supportive Therapies

The Supportive Therapy Centre is situated to the rear of the 1937 Building and is best approached from Nackington Road. There is a small parking area immediately in front of the unit. Access to the Main Hospital from here is not possible by car and is quite a long distance for pedestrians. Within the building access is limited due to the nature of the building. Please note wheelchair users in particular should phone in advance to ensure they can access the building.

Medical Illustration

The Medical Illustration Unit is a small separate unit located to the rear of the Hospital near to the Thomas Becket Dialysis Unit and can be reached from the upper level of Main Street. There is no visitor parking provided near to this unit. The nearest available parking is within the Main Hospital Car Park. There is a ramp leading to the Entrance however the route to here from the Car Parks may be difficult for some visitors. It is suggested that patients needing to visit this department speak to staff at the Main Reception Desk within the Outpatients Department, who will assist with directions to this department.

Access Symbols Explained:

  • Facilities for partially sighted or blind people We provide facilities for people who are visually impaired. For example: Braille formats, large print, audio tapes etc.
  • Assistance dogs welcome Assistance dogs are welcome in our premises.
  • Assisted wheelchair access Wheelchair access into our premises is possible with assistance.
  • Non assisted wheelchair access Full, non-assisted, wheelchair access into our premises is possible.
  • Facilities for the mobility impaired We provide facilities for people with a mobility impairment. For example: A seating area, hand rails etc.
  • Customer toilet facilities We provide customer toilets.
  • Accessible toilets We have fully accessible toilets installed at our premises.
  • Induction loop available An induction loop has been installed to benefit our hard of hearing customers.
  • Customer parking facilities We provide customer car parking.
  • Accessible car parking We provide accessible car parking spaces for disabled customers.
  • Staff assistance available Our staff have been trained to offer excellent service levels, please ask if you have any particular requirements.
  • Low Payment Counters including clipboards, dropdown counters, lap trays and portable chip & pin Low payment counters or an alternative such as portable chip and pin machine, a lap tray or a clipboard.
  • Automatic doors present Our premises are fitted with automatic doors to ease entry.
  • Customer lift provided A customer lift has been provided.
  • Accessible lift provided An accessible customer lift has been installed, improving access for wheelchair users.
  • Parent with pushchair access Our premises are accessible to parents with a pushchair or pram.
  • Baby changing facilities We provide baby changing facilities.
  • Accessible baby changing facilities Accessible baby changing facilities are available.
  • Alternative Languages available Alternative languages available
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