Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve

Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve

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Car Park / Drop Off

There are several access points for this large National Nature Reserve. The Thorne and Crowle Moors section can be accessed from Grange Road or Jones’ Cable at Thorne or from Newbigg in Crowle. The Hatfield Moor section can be accessed from the A614 at Boston Park or from Hatfield Woodhouse at Ten Acre Lake. These web pages give information about waymarked trails on Thorne and Crowle Moors. In due course, information will be added about those on Hatfield Moor.

Grange Road

There is a drop off point along Grange Road, there are points that cars can park up but this is along a public road. There is a 1.56 kilometre long path from here to the western side of Thorne Moor and the start of the Canals Trail and the Green Belt Trail.

Crowle Moor

The car parking areas are small grass verge areas with spaces for approximately 2-3 vehicles situated beside the road. These can be accessed along a partly made track after turning right at the top of Newbigg. The car parking surfaces consist of naturally trodden ground. These parking areas give access to the Decoy Trail and the Southern Trail.

Canals Trail

This trail is a 5.34 kilometre circular route through the Thorne Moors,. It begins at the Natural England signage immediately after the entrance. At a junction point in the pathway, after 3.62 kilometres, the trail continues to the left. Turning right at this point leads, after approximately 75 metres, to a viewing platform with stepped access only.

Green Belt Trail

The Green Belt trail is a 2.49 kilometre circular route through the Thorne Moors. It begins at the Natural England signage immediately after the entrance.

Boardwalks are placed at intermittent points along the route to assist visitors in passing over small expanses of water.

Owing to the boggy terrain of the peatland these pathways are liable to be muddy and wet in places. At intervals along the trail there are small sections of bark chippings, these level the pathways and are soft underfoot.

Decoy Trail

The Decoy Trail is a circular walk of 4.57km around the largely boggy peatlands of Crowle Moor. The Trail starts and finishes at a small designated parking area to the right at the top of Newbigg in Crowle. The route consists mainly of natural trodden ground with some areas being particularly narrow tracks over untended ground. Whilst the terrain is relatively level for the most part it is suggested that only visitors with a good level of physical fitness and no mobility impairments attempt the walk.

Some areas of the trail over particularly boggy ground are bridged by temporary structures created by tree branches placed over the affected area.

Southern Trail

The Southern Trail is a shorter circular walk of 2km around part of the peatlands on Crowle Moor. The trail is accessed via a small car parking area to the left at the top of Newbigg, Crowle.

The terrain is mainly level however the ground ranges from a naturally trodden surface to very boggy areas. Due to the nature of the terrain it is suggested that this walk is only suitable for visitors with full mobility.

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