Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve

Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve

Location Details


Near Thorne

Access in Detail

Green Belt Trail.
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  • Green Belt Trail.
  • Entrance of Nature Reserve.
  • Entrance of Nature Reserve.
  • Information panels.
  • Symbols.
  • Way-marker.
  • Sign posts.
  • Footpath.
  • Clear route.
  • Route description.
  • Constructed concrete.
  • Crushed stone surface.
  • Boardwalk.
  • Bark chippings.
  • Natural Trodden Ground.
  • Raised boardwalk.
  • Level trail.
  • Passing place.
  • Landmark.
  • Clear trail.
  • Trail description.
The trail begins along the same path as the canals trail.
This is a circular trail.
Trail starts at: Entrance of Nature Reserve
Trail ends at: Entrance of Nature Reserve
There are information panels at the start of the trail.
The information panels include text. The information panels include symbols.
The signs are clearly defined.
There are way markers provided along the trail.
The way markers are sign posts.
Path usage: Footpath.
How long is the trail: 2.49 Kilometres.
The route is level.
There is no seating provided along the route.
The route is clearly defined.
Please provide additional description of the route from the entrance to the trail: The entrance to the trail is accessed immediately at the entrance of the Reserve.
The trail consists of the following surface types: Constructed: Crushed Stone, Constructed: Boardwalk path, Managed: Bark chippings, Natural: Ground Trodden.
There are raised boardwalks that are barriers on this trail.
The trail is level.
The camber on the pathway was not considered hazardous.
Routes are sufficiently wide with good periodic passing places.
There is no seating available along the route.
Signage is adequate along the route.
Way making posts are visible at all junction points in the pathway.
The trail is clearly defined and clear from overgrown foliage and other potential hazards.
General description of trail: The trail is primarily over natural trodden ground and is liable to standing water and deep, soft mud in places. The trail is relatively level with only slight slopes in places.

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