Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserves

Barnack Hills and Holes National Nature Reserves

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Off Wittering Road

Access in Summary

Car Parking/Drop Off

The car park on Wittering Road has wide spaced cattle grids. There is an additional side entrance to the left of the cattle grid which may not be accessible to all. The car park is mainly natural trodden ground with visible rock and tree roots. The start of the trail is clearly signposted, but there are no designated accessible parking spaces.

Limestone Walk

Barnack Hills and Holes is located in the picturesque village of Barnack. The hummocky landscape was created by quarrying for limestone 1500 years ago. In the Autumn the area is grazed by approximately 300 sheep to remove summer growth and dead leaves that, if left, would choke the Spring flowering plants.

The beginning of the Limestone Walk is waymarked and signposted, with gates situated throughout the trail, the gates have long handles for ease of opening. The pathways are mainly Grassland and Natural Trodden Ground.

At intervals some of the pathways are of a steep incline / decline. There are seats available in places.

At wider sections of the pathway deep "holes" are visible from the quarrying carried out over 1500 years earlier.

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Car Parking / Drop Off.
Limestone Walk.
Start of Limestone Walk.
Quarry holes.
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